Product Update: Reid 7ELALE Lifting Clutches

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Reid 7ELALE Lifting Clutches

ramsetreid™ have become aware that Reid™ 7ELALE lifting clutches with serial numbers WB07783 to
WB07840 may not meet our strict manufacturing specifications.

Utilising our extensive records and unique serial numbers we have contacted all affected customers,
both verbally and in writing, requesting that they cease using the lifting clutches as a precaution and to
send them back to our Auckland office for inspection and testing. At the time of writing this product
update, greater than 70% of the lifting clutches mentioned have been returned to our Auckland office.
We envisage that we will have all of the remaining lifting clutches back to our office in the next week and
we will start sending the re-tested lifting clutches back to the market as soon as possible.
We are also aware of another recent lifting clutch issue in New Zealand, from a batch that is different to
range mentioned above. This affected lifting clutch will be analysed over the coming days to better
understand the cause of the issue.
We would take this opportunity to highlight the importance of correct anchorage/lifting design, lifting
clutch maintenance and use to prevent possible overloading and/or damage to the clutch. For further
information or to organise a lifting training presentation from ramsetreid™, please contact us at

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